Small Commercial Vessel Association - Ontario Region

P.O. Box 128 , Honey Harbour, Ontario. P0E 1E0

 Website (still a work in progress )

“A Commercial vessel is any vessel not used exclusively for pleasure” !!

“ Deadline for Small Commercial Vessel Registry is July 1,2012 “ !!

Dear Fellow Small Commercial Vessel Operator:

We are a newly formed self-help association, focused on informing our industry of recent Transport Canada (TC) changes to the:

1)       Small Commercial vessel registry ,

2)       vessel self-inspection,

3)       vessel crewing requirements ,

4)        Operator licensing requirements.

Since our formation March 23, 2012, and our March 28, 2012 presentation at the Regional  Canadian Marine Advisory Council (CMAC) in Hamilton , we have achieved a great deal of attention from Transport Canada. We are invited to speak at the National CMAC in Ottawa April 23 to 26, 2012 on behalf of the Small Commercial Vessel Operators in Ontario.

Our presentation pointed out that many of the current regulations may be appropriate for great lakes shipping and ocean going vessels, not small work boats and deck barges, many of them under 8 meters and 15 gross tons.

During these meetings we touched on key points of concern with TC’s current regulations and expressed our interest in being a part of a consultative process to help streamline the regulations, making them more appropriate for the various business applications and working environments.  Our association has 10 hard working directors and is dedicated to helping you understand and comply with Federal Regulations.  In addition we are providing vital feedback from our association to TC, in hopes that they may change some of the dysfunctional regulations affecting our vessels and operators.

We have a long way to go, but with your help and membership in our organization, we can achieve our goals of helping to guide the regulatory authorities on key changes that affect all of our financial welfare and job health and safety. We are in the process of enhancing our new website: and will have an interactive blog to help distribute important information to our membership.

Our yearly membership fees of $250 will go toward the distribution of valuable information to our members, and to fund our lobby of Transport Canada for more reasonable and appropriate regulations governing our industry.

Please join us as we need your help and you will certainly need ours .

Please email  for more information and when ready, send your completed membership application (application) and fee to: Small Commercial Vessel Association – Ontario Region PO Box 128 Honey Harbour Ontario P0E 1E0


Armin Grigaitis

President Small Commercial Vessel Association – Ontario Region